Virtuoso Creative Works


2011 was my first year moving away from drill design exclusively. I wanted to become more of a web designer and spend more time on my arranging. Because of such a drastic change, I decided I needed to start completely new and fresh. It was time to move away from the same color scheme and rethink my approach to the design, without losing the overall flavor.


I began this project with a 3-page wireframe of the layout and navigation. Upon completing the final draft, I ultimately went with a layout that resembled the old Twitter layout. It may not have been noticeable, but that was part of my inspiration. A taller and longer page layout allowed me to fit more on each page and it made the overall user experience the best yet.

Virtuoso Creative Works

New Name, New Logo

I created several variations of logo designs for Virtuoso, and it was a fun yet challenging experience.

A Complete Change

This was a completely new direction. I started over with a new name and it helped me focus on the future, getting me where I am today.

Custom Design

Many hours went into the preparation for this website and it became my first fully customized website with much more coding than I had ever done before.

Color Palette


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