Because the site I had started with included so many pages, so much useless content and an overabundance of images and graphics, it was time to simplify and make a new and improved website that would accommodate a wider range of visitors. I reached out to colleagues and clients for feedback and the bottom line was I need to make it simpler and less cluttered.


In order to simplify my site, I narrowed it down to only what I felt was absolutely necessary for my and my drill design business. In fact, I narrowed the whole site down to only 5 pages. Homepage, drill design, biography, favorite links, and a contact page. I had also decided to go with a new name and George Hester Visual Design was born.

George Hester Visual Design

New Branding

As a drill designer I needed to be sure that the identity was clear and visitors to my website would know exactly what they would get.


Light To Dark

I chose this theme because I felt that my drills would be presented better using this ‘darker’ backdrop, since those were the focus.

Custom Built

Continuing to use BlueVoda to build my site, I ventured into coding for the first time and developed most of this site from scratch.

Color Palette


George Hester Design