2010 was significant because it was the start of mobile web popularity. Although it had been around a couple years already, the introduction of the iPad and improved mobile optimized websites signaled that it was time to for me to refresh my site and study what I could regarding coding for mobile. How could I do this with my website? It would be a challenge!


After spending many weeks in my limited free time studying how to code a mobile website, I began with a few simple pages that I could open on my old Droid phone and it was a joyous experience. I was able to optimize a new mobile version of the site, that would be a redirect for users who visited me on their phone. It was a huge hit and I am very proud of that achievement.

George Hester Visual Design v.4

Mobile Optimized

The entire site was optimized for mobile, page for page, and included the ability to view video samples, as well as email or call with a tap.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

The emphasis for this site was simplicity. Better for mobile. I achieved that by drawing up a solid wireframe and coded from there.

Positive User Feedback

I was greeted with many compliments and responses to this version of my site, as it was utilizing a lot of new technology before many others attempted it.

Color Palette


George Hester Design