In 2009 I made a decision to scrap everything I had and start from scratch. The old layout was in need of “life” and the white on black was perhaps a little too gothic for this type of art. I needed to also give the site a better “marching band” look and be sure that people who may not know what I do who land on my site, know exactly what it is right away.


To start things off, I added a new look to the site, focusing on tones of green as the primary, using blacks and whites as the accents. I believe that my final output balanced the colors better than I planned, but I wanted to bring the color of the marching field to the foreground and make my website look less mechanical and more organic.

George Hester Visual Design v.3

Organic Color Scheme

The theme was coded from scratch and I went with something a bit brighter and more organic in order to give the site some life.

Better Branding

By including a shako on a football field as the home page, it was much easier for visitors to identify what my website was about.

Improved User Experience

This site was optimized much better than the previous 3 sites and was coded using less images and more CSS to add effect and color.

Color Palette


George Hester Design