The year was 2008. Although I didn’t really need to update my website, I felt it was time for a slight refresher, and due to a few developments that occurred in the off-season, additions needed to be made. I wanted to make the site fill the screen more. But my priority was to create a better experience for the visitors when they landed on my drill design video page.


With the addition of a “music” page, I began endorsing some friends that were music arrangers and partnered with them to gain some clients as a package deal. This worked out well for all of us and it was a great decision to go forward with that. As for the drill page, I ultimately switched from a list of videos to a single-windowed playlist using XML and Flash.

George Hester Visual Design v.2

Included A New "Music" Page

Partnering with some arrangers that I knew, we endorsed each other and made an effort to get clients together and for each other.

Slight Refresh

Only minor changes were made to this rendition of my site and my coding skills improved, and it was my introduction to using Flash.

Latest Technology

With this update, I was able to utilize many different technologies that would lead to a better understanding of web development.

Color Palette


George Hester Design