George Hester Designs (2006)


I knew that in order to get ahead of the curve as a drill designer, I needed to have a presence on the web. It was too expensive for me to go out and hire a designer and it seemed that I could not settle on a specific “plan” for the site, since there were so few drill designers who had active websites at the time. So, I knew I had my work cut out for me.


At the time I began working on this site (Summer 2006) I already had proficient skills with Photoshop, but very little with web coding and design. I studied sites that I liked and ones that had elements that I wanted to use. So I found a simple WYSIWYG builder called BlueVoda and began piecing together what would eventually become my very first website.

George Hester Designs

First Of Its Kind

At the time this site launched, it was the first of many that I would design and thus began my journey to me becoming a developer.

VodaHost + BlueVoda

I used VodaHost for my website and they did a great job for me while I was with them. And BlueVoda is a great startup WYSIWYG builder.

Complete Package

This site included various types of media, including my photos and videos, as well as a page of downloadable wallpapers I created.

Color Palette


George Hester Design