Starting out as a simple class project during my academic days at the Art Institute of Michigan, I was required to take an old and outdated website, break it all down to the last menu item and re-design it from scratch.


I coded this website using just HTML and CSS/CSS3, and I utilized a few elements of JavaScript for the menu items, and PHP for the contact form. I also designed a new and logo that the owner approved for use on the site.

Angels Plates International Cuisine

Fully Remodeled

This site was rebuilt from scratch, using a custom template, new color palette and updated company logo, which can be seen here.

Excellent Results

As a result of improved site optimization, Angels Plates attracted more visitors, higher rankings and better traffic than ever before.

Volunteer Project

The entire process, from design to development, was all voluntary and it was a perfect addition to my expanding web portfolio.

Color Palette


George Hester Design